What are the benefits of a company in Bulgaria?

Benefit from the lowest taxation within the EU.

Tax benefits

Bulgaria has the lowest taxation within the EU. Corporate Profit tax (flat tax) – 10%. Bulgarian tax legislation is completely synchronized with the EU legislation. Government policy is focused on building a favourable business climate for foreign investors.

Less risk

Bulgaria joined the European Union in January 2007. Since 1998 the local currency rate has been fixed to the euro: EUR/BGN = 1.95583.

Fast and easy procedures

It takes only several days to register a new company in Bulgaria. The minimal start-up capital is only 1 EUR. International VAT registration takes up to 14 days.

Banking facilities

The biggest European banks are represented in Bulgaria.

Double tax avoidance

Bulgaria has signed Double Taxation Treaties with 68 countries all over the world.

Low business costs

Low-cost highly-trained employees, very affordable rents, excellent value for real estate.

Perfect location

Situated on the main road between Europe and Asia and in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is more than a good business choice. There are 4 Pan-European transport corridors that cross the country and 3 of them make their connection in Sofia.

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