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Dobromira Nikolova

Founder and Managing Director

Education and work experience:

  1. Graduate of the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Sofia;
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Economics;
  3. Master’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s in Accounting and Control;
  4. Many years of experience as Financial Director of companies in the IT sector;
  5. Internal auditor at BTC EAD.

Focused on:

  1. Establishing and development of business relations with and for clients, building of the public image and management of international projects.
  2. Licensing and registration regimes in the following areas:
  • Import, trade and storage of medical products;
  • Sale, import and storage of excise goods – warehouse keepers and tax warehouses;
  • Trade, import, production, processing and storage of agrifood industry goods;
  • Professional training and qualification centers with the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.
  1. Writing publications and giving seminars on starting and running a business.
  2. Mentoring young entrepreneurs.
  3. Uses English both in speaking and writing.

Borislava Kirilova

Chief Accountant

Education and work experience:

  1. Graduate of an English Language High School
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Economics
  3. Post-graduate studies in Banking
  4. Master’s degree in Accounting and Control
  5. Many years of experience in operative accounting

Focused on:

  1. Labour and salary (Payroll) and employment relationships
  2. Closing balance of accounting of companies with international partnership and/ or ownership.
  3. Consolidated financial statements according to the International Accounting Standard.
  4. Operative accounting of companies with various areas of their activity.

Ivelin Boychev

Licensing and Registration Regimes Expert

Education and work experience:

  1. Graduate of the National Trade High School in the city of Plovdiv
  2. Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations
  3. Many years of experience as an operations manager in the Tourism sector.

Focused on:

  1. Licensing and registration regimes in the following areas:
  • Registration of tour operators and travel agents;
  • Registration of retail outlets in the food and cosmetics industry;
  • Licensing of child care centers, professional training centers and kindergartens.

       2. Uses English and Russian both in speaking and writing

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