Registration of a commercial company for trading with gold and precious stones

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Trading with gold and precious stones is regulated by the Ministry of Economy, the Currency Law and the Ordinance on the terms and conditions for entry in the register and on the requirements for the activities of persons engaged in mining, processing and transactions with precious metals and precious stones and products with and from them by occupation.

Registration takes 14 days, so our advice is to submit registration documents about a month before the start of the activity.

The Ordinance examines several different activities and sets different requirements for the necessary documents and the amount of the state registration fees due.

Activities subject to registration:

✔ Mining and processing of precious metals and precious stones;
✔ Deals in gold, silver, platinum and precious stones;
✔ Receiving, storing and production consumption of precious metals for production needs;
✔ Recovery of waste products containing precious metals;
✔ Testing laboratories;
✔ Inspection and marking of articles of precious metals;
✔ Import, export and transit of rough diamonds.
✔ State fee and term of registration of a commercial company for trade in gold and precious stones

The registration certificate is placed in a prominent place in the commercial establishment, it is issued in about a month. The state registration fee is BGN 200.

If any of the registered circumstances change, the persons are obliged to notify the Ministry of Economy within 14 days from the occurrence of the change.

What the Lead Consult team does for you:

▻ Preparation of all necessary documents for the registration of the Company;
▻▻ Organization of notarization of signatures at a notary;
▻▻▻ Entry of documents and representation before the Commercial Register;
▻▻▻▻ Preparation and entry of documents for registration and representation before the Ministry of Economy;
▻▻▻▻▻ If desired, we can also provide you with services for registration of business hours;

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