Forbes Bulgaria interview with the Lead Consult founder, Dobromira Nikolova

forbes bulgaria interview dobromira nikolova lead consult

“Don’t put limits on your dreams, dream boldly” are her words to each of us!

In this in-depth Forbes Bulgaria interview, we will get to know the perspective of a free-thinking, ambitious and successful person. And what did Forbes Bulgaria asked our founder? Here are some of the interesting questions and answers!

ForbesBulgaria: How do you manage to maintain a connection with your clients for a long time?

Dobromira Nikolova: About 85% of our clients contact us after a recommendation from another client.

This indicator is very important to me and I personally keep and monitor its statistics. I am sincerely happy when someone tells me that they have recommended us, I know that this is felt strongly by people and they are motivated even more.

A moment of exchange of positive energy, appreciation and warm emotion is created – there is nothing that can diminish these feelings.

ForbesBulgaria: What makes you valuable to your clients?

Dobromira Nikolova: We understand their needs through personal commitment and desire for a long-term partnership.

Our clients trust us, they relax and share details that very often help us in solving a case or lead to the exact realization of their vision.

We always try to find a solution to the case. We are always specific in our answers and advice to our clients.

At the very first inquiry, we provide an accurate price and time proposal.

We only make commitments we can keep and this is communicated to the clients immediately. We can’t afford to waste their time, be incomprehensible, or offer short but unrealistic deadlines.

This is an attitude that is appreciated by everyone and adds value to our reputation.

➭ForbesBulgaria: What sets you apart from your competitors?

➮ Dobromira Nikolova: Certainly the personal interaction and approach!

We never underestimate or ignore a client’s concerns and emotions in a situation that is important to them. It becomes important for us too!

We also perform quite atypical services, such as: licensing of importers, wholesalers and stockists of medical devices and medicinal products.

Marketing, labeling and packaging of such products.

Also registration of: medical centers, medical practices and overall comprehensive legal services in the medical and medicinal sector.

ForbesBulgaria: How far do your dreams go?

Dobromira Nikolova: How far?

I don’t stop or limit them, sometimes I wonder how comprehensive they are, but that’s me.

There are no dreams too bold, there are self-limiting dreamers.

forbes bulgaria interview dobromira nikolova lead consult
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