Liquidation of Bulgarian company

With the exception of ET (sole proprietorship) all other companies (LTD,  Joint-stock company) pass through a 6 month period of liquidation in order to be removed from the Commercial Register.  The liquidation begins with the decision of the Share holders to terminate the business activities of the company and to appoint liquidator. The six month period of the liquidation is in order to:

      • The completion of the ongoing transactions;
      • To en cash / cash the assets of the company;
      • To meet and satisfy the creditors;
      • If there is property left it should be divided among the partners

The service which Lead Consult provides you with includes:

            • The preparation of the necessary documents needed for the initiation of the liquidation process;
            • Announcing the invitation to the creditors in the Commercial Register;
            • The deletion of the company in the Commercial Register;
            • Lead Consult could appoint a professional liquidator (representative of our company).

After entering the deletion of the company in the Commercial register, it ceases to exist as a company with obligations to government institutions, to contractors, there is no obligation to file tax returns, to prepare financial statements and it shall terminate the employment contracts and social security obligations.

If you have questions or would like to help you can contact us for advice or for an entire service.

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