Registration of a branch of foreign company in Bulgaria





Branch of a foreign company, registered with right to conduct business activity, in accordance with its national law, can be inscribed in Commercial Register of Republic of Bulgaria.

What we need from you about registration of foreign company in Bulgaria:

  • Legal form and name of the foreign company, also the name of the branch, if it differs from that of the foreign person;
  • Register and number under which  is registered foreign company, if applicable law provides it;
  • People, representing  a foreign person, according to the register, in which is inscribed, if have such register, way of representation as well as liquidators and trustees and their powers;
  • Main office and address of the branch;
  • Object of activity of the branch;
  • Date about person, who manages the branch and capacity of its representative authority.

In case the foreign person be removed from the register of another member state, in which was inscribed also its erasure, is not a result of a change in legal organized form, merger or division, or a cross-border transfer of seat (main office), the branch is deleted  automatically based on notification from register of another member state, received through the system of interconnection of registers, provided that at the time the notification from foreign person was received, it has not been given in application for inscribe of closure of the  branch.

In addition you receive:

  • Insurance and  tax advice for startups
  • Preparation and submission of company annual tax returns and Annual Report 
  • Preparation and submission of company annual Financial Statements
  • Opening a bank account


If you are thinking about starting business in Bulgaria, the following information is important:

  • Bulgarian national currency  is BGN(lev), fixed exchange currency – 1EUR = 1,95583 BGN
  • Exchange of goods and services within EU countries are taxed once – i.e. no double taxation if you are in EU
  • The minimum capital for registration of company is 1 EUR.
  • The process of registration of company is no longer than 10 days.
  • Corporate income tax is fixed and equal to 10%.
  • Value added tax is equal to 20%.
  • Dividend tax is equal to 5%.
  • The manager of the company should be an individual (local or foreign). The owner of the capital could be individual (local or foreign) or legal person (i.e. company).

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