Weird laws around the world

weird laws around the world lead consult

Each country has different traditions and each country’s laws are different. Sometimes they can be really weird, other times they have a very logical explanation for their existence.

Weird laws around the world. Check out some of the strangest laws that exist in the world!

It is forbidden to cut a cactus in Arizona!

This is absolutely prohibited in Arizona. Violators can be sentenced to 25 years in prison. Don’t try to entertain yourself this way.

Driving shirtless in Thailand

Driving a car shirtless is considered offensive in Thailand. No matter how hot it is, drivers must always wear a shirt.

It is illegal to feed pigeons in Venice

Tourists in St. Mark’s Square in Venice have their hands full of food in order to attract the attention of thousands of pigeons and to be able to take beautiful pictures. Law enforcement in Venice officially banned the feeding of pigeons in 2008.

If you are caught feeding pigeons you could be fined up to 700 EUR

Wearing high heels to the Acropolis is illegal

When planning a holiday to Greece make sure you have the right shoes. The country banned the wearing of high heels in the Acropolis in 2009.

It is not clear why anyone would want to walk around the Acropolis in heels, but the Greeks put this ban in place to protect the ruins from damage caused by the sharp heels. The ruins are nearly 2,500 years old, so respect this rule and wear shoes with proper soles if you plan to hike there

Don’t wear a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt in Poland

Poland issues a ban on wearing a t-shirt or blouse with the face of one of the most beloved cartoon characters – Winnie the Pooh. This ban applies if you are near playgrounds or schools. The reason is that Winnie the Pooh is wearing only a t-shirt and no pants, which the population of Poland finds inappropriate and embarrassing.

If you’re planning a visit to this country, it’s best to leave your Winnie-the-Pooh clothes at home for peace of mind.

It is illegal to wear body armor in the British Parliament

Yes, yes, it sounds very strange that someone would possibly want to visit the British Parliament all dressed in a suit of armor. But this ancient law dates back to 1313. The British could have repealed the law, but since armor really isn’t that common a garment, why bother?

No selfies with the Buddha in Sri Lanka

When you take a selfie with the Buddha, you turn your back to him. This sign of disrespect is punishable by imprisonment in Sri Lanka. It is also considered disrespectful to point a finger at the Buddha, and sometimes there are bans on taking pictures with the statues.

It is illegal to fly a kite in the state of Victoria, Australia

In Australia’s south-eastern state of Victoria, it is illegal to fly a kite in a public place if you are obstructing another person. In fact, you can’t even fly a kite in public if it annoys someone else

As you can understand, there are a lot of strange laws in the world! Whether some of the laws in Bulgaria would seem strange to people from other countries, maybe one day we will find that out.

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