Change of registered office and address of the management of a company

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The procedure for changing the registered office and address of a commercial company aims to update the company information in the Commercial register.

In the event that you do not enter the change in the Register about the company documents and the NRA / NII authorities do not find you at the indicated address during an inspection, this may lead to the issuance of a fine or an act.

Therefore, you should be familiar with the procedure required when changing the registered office and address of management, so that the change made is in accordance with the law and the new registered office and address of your company is visible and accessible to everyone.

Generally presented, this procedure includes the preparation of two main documents – a new partnership agreement for an LTD/ a new founding act for sole proprietorships and a protocol.

In the case of LLC companies, the decision to change the registered office and the address of management is taken by the owner of the capital, while in the case of the LLC, such a decision must be taken by the partners. In both cases, this is done through the convening of a founding/general meeting, based on which the minutes of the decision to change are drawn up, in which the new address of management is entered.

The prepared minutes, together with the new articles of incorporation/company contract, as well as other documents required by law and the receipt for the paid state tax, are submitted in the Commercial Register, where the change is entered within a few days.

This completes the procedure for changing the registered office and address of management. After the entry in the Register, the actual change in the circumstances of your company has been publicly announced, so that everyone who is interested is aware of it.

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