Accounting firm – what does it represent and how to choose the right one?

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Accounting is performed by an accounting firm or an independent accountant. In accounting firms there are qualified professionals who work tirelessly to present correct results to the clients. Also, the accounting offices have enough staff so there is always an employee to process information, to take care of the clients claims – this is exactly what makes them so popular these days.

What are the differences between an independent accountant and an accounting firm?

Selfemployed accountants quite often work from the comfort of their homes. This means that they have more free time every day for personal activities. Private accountants can take a vacation at any time without notifying you. In many cases in accounting firms, you can come across a professional who will always be available.

From the beginning, accounting firm works with a fixed working schedule. Accountants, and sometimes lawyers, are available to help with any problem that may arise. There is no delay in sending declarations, reports and other documents. Every employee in the firm is ready to give you a consultation, if it is necessary.

Accounting firms also offer online review. Meanwhile the older generation accountants require their clients to print and write documents. That’s why, it is much more convenient for the documentation to go through the Internet.

Last but not least, it is necessary to say that some accountants do not offer a contract to their client, and in this way they do NOT share any responsibility. This is impossible to happen in an accounting firm, because there the relations are under a formal contract.

Advantages and disadvantages of working with accounting frims

  • A well-trained and professional accounting office has more advantages than disadvantages. The first thing is the individual approach to its customers and the best example of customer knowledge. You will receive a consultation for everything that interests you without experiencing the pressures of the laws and the bureaucracy of the institutions.
  • When working with an accounting desk with multiple clients, there will always be someone who will be available to you. You will not have to wait a long time for the preparation of declarations and other documents. The employees will be the ones who will write the payment requests for you.
  • Once again, we will emphasize the possibility to view requests and documents online. The accounting offices also work remotely, so you won’t have to visit their physical offices all the time. This will only happen if there is an urgent matter that requires your presence.
  • As for the shortcomings, they are few. For exampe, the price for the services provided will be higher. In most cases, private accountants charge less, but they lack in formal contract and shared responsibility.

How to choose an accounting firm?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an accounting firm. The larger companies work primarily with large businesses, and the smaller ones serve micro-companies. The most important things before choosing an accountant:

  • Consider the prices for individual services;
  • Read customer reviews at online portals;
  • Ask if the accounting office offers remote service;
  • Send requests about analysis and business planning;
  • Ask if they offer visits at your personal office;
  • Make consclusions based on your impression;

This is an overview of basic things that you should keep in mind if you want to get honest treatment from a good accounting firm. Don’t be one of those people who just leave matters to run by themselves and don’t look after the facts.

Why work with an accounting firm?

We remind you again that certified accountants work in the accounting house and the client always receives a contract with clearly signed documents.

The accountants in the office will take care of the preparation of tax declarations, financial statements, payment orders etc. At the same time, they work very well with institutions such as Tax department, Healthcare department etc. There are no mistakes and everything is accurate and precise.

Online chat is now available! It is not neccessary for you to come to the office every week to provide documents. They can be sent by email for review.

If you prefer to be served by experts, please do not hesitate to view the articles on our site and make an inquiry. Our accounting firm has many years of experience in working with companies of all sizes, and we can always be of service to you if you put your trust in us.

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