Trade agency

  • Registration of LTD
  • Registration of Joint-stock company
  • Registration of Sole trader
  • Registration of  DZZD
  • Registration of Foundation
  • Registration of Political party
  • Registration with assets
  • Registration of Trade mark
  • Registration of Patents (design, utility models, inventions)
  • Change of manager;
  • Change of legal address;
  • Change of company name;
  • Change of capital;
  • Sales or inheritance of company share;
  • Preparation and submission of company annual tax returns and Annual reports, company annual Financial Statements;
  • Transfer of sole proprietorship;
  • Transfer of business;
  • Change of activity;
  • Transformation of LTD to Joint-stock company;
  • Transformation of Joint-stock company to LTD;
  • Transformation of LTD to Sole trader;
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