Registration of Trademark in Bulgaria

registration of trademarkWhat is Trademark?

  • The trademark is a sign which can be represented as a text, graphic or combined, and whose main function is to distinguish the goods and services of one person from those of others.
  • The trademark rights can be acquired through its registration in the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria with effect from the date of applying for registration. A trademark right is an exclusive right which includes the right of its proprietor to use it, dispose of it and to prevent others from using it without his consent.

The registration is valid within a period of ten years with effect from the date of filing the application and can be renewed indefinitely.

Who can claim a Trademark?

  • A trademark can be registered by Bulgarian natural individuals and legal entities, and also by foreign neutral individuals and legal entities.
  • The Law on Trademarks and Geographical Indicators does not require the applicant necessary to be commercial or industrial enterprise that manufactures goods, respectively to perform the services which desires to register the trademark for.

The service that Lead Consult provides you with includes:

  • We carry out a preliminary study to identify or find a similarity between the mark and giving a standpoint upon the obtained results.
  • We can consult you on the selection of the class of the goods and services by the International Classification.
  • We prepare and submit the application for registration of a trademark. Also represent and conduct the correspondence with the Patent Office during the entire process of registration.

We perform a service for tracking all claims for trademarks and filing of opposition in case of identity or similarity.

If you have questions or would like to help you for Trademark registration in Bulgaria, you can contact us!

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