Registration of Joint Stock Company in Bulgaria

joint stock company lead consultWhat is Joint Stock Company?

The Joint stock company is a typical capital company in which the co-owners are called shareholders.

  • The shareholders are not liable for the obligations of the Joint stock company; they are the investors who invest in it.
  • The Joint stock company is managed by a Board of Directors or Management Board, who are elected by the shareholders. Its members are qualified professionals who manage the capital of the company.

The service which Lead Consult provides include:

  • The preparation of all the necessary documents for the registration of the Joint stock company.
  • The submission of the necessary documents for its registration in the Commercial Register.
  • The provision with a certificate of the current state of the registration for the Joint stock company.

In order to be signed in the Bulgarian Commercial Register the Joint stock company have to:

  • To record the entire capital.
  • To import at least 25% of the nominal.
  • To elect the management bodies.

If you have questions or would like to help you for Joint Stock Company registration in Bulgaria, you can contact us!

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