Registration of foreigner, who practices freelancers in Bulgaria

Foreigners, who practice freelancers in Bulgaria, register in BULSTAT Register.

For this purpose, they have give in an application containing the following information:

1. BULSTAT code- this is the personal number of the foreigner (PNF)
2. Basic data about person- date of birth, nationality, names, identity document (passport)
3. Reason for registration
4. Address for correspondence

! The address for correspondence of the foreign individual must be in the country. If you do not have, you can sign a contract for the provision of address.

5. Address of carrying out the activity
6. The type of activity/profession
7. A document, attesting to the completion of this activity- diploma or other document, which have be certified by the statutory order
8. Date of commencement, suspension, resumption of activity

After issuance of the certificate of registry, person, who practises freelancers, have be registered in the NRA (National Revenue Agency), which declares that the person is self-employed.

What we need from you:

1. To provide us basic information about you and profession, which you practise
2. To give us diploma or other document certifying your business

The services you can receive from Lead Consult:

1. Input an application and obtain the certificate of registration in the BULSTAT Register
2. Registration in NRA
3. Legalization of documents attesting to your profession in the statutory order
4. Provision of address if you want – by signing a contract for the provision of address.

If you have questions or would like to help you in Bulgaria, you can contact us for advice or for an entire service.

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