Registration of an ice cream shop

Registration of ice cream shop lead consult

Registration of an ice cream shop

In the hot summer days the interest in refreshing drinks and of course ice cream, as a favorite dessert, grows for alot of people.

This contributes to the popularization of the ice cream shops and large incomes, which could bring this business activity, even more if in this shops are available also a refreshing drinks like juices, smoothies etc.

Main requirements:

Whether you use a vending machine for ice cream, automatic device, or freezer, you must give an account of temperature during storage.  Hygiene of machine, freezer or automatic device is a reference point for this type of trade.

In case, you plan to sell home-made ice cream, it is important to note not only the place, where an ice cream will be stored, but also the storage of additional ingredients- frozen fruits, biscuits, etc., as well as equipment for preparation of ice cream.

Procedure of registration:

  1. You must have registered company
  2. Select a suitable place
  3. To submit an application to the Agency for Foods and receive a certificate of registration

For this purpose, you must have a specially designed individual self-control systems and/or HASEP system.

4. Cash Register (purchasing, ficsalization, service agreement)
5. Registration in the municipality, where your shop is located.

The services you can receive from Lead Consult:

  1. Registration of the company
  2. Assistance in selecting of place- review, consultation and evaluation of the site and equipment
  3. Submit an application and obtaining certificate of registration by  Agency for Food
  4. Development of individual self-control systems and/or HACCP system
  5. Prepare and input documents for registration in municipality
  6. We also offer accounting services

What we need from you:

  1. Select the name, office, manager and amount of capital for the company, which will be registered
  2. Provide all documents required in the registration process.

The Lead Consult team offers you professional services and consultation. Please contact us at:

☎ phone + 3598 888 33 600
✉ email:

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