Implementation of international load transport in Bulgaria

I. Company Registration

In order to carry out load transport activity, first, it is necessary to register a company under whose name you exercise this activity.

The subject of activity of the company must include load (freight) transport and registered office and address shall be in Republic of Bulgaria.

Activity of international load transport is a subject to licensing regime!

II. Licensing procedure

Competent authority

Executive Agency “Automobile Administration” at the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.


1. Appointment of a leader (head) of transport

• The leader should not be sentenced or deprived of right to carry out transport activity;

• The leader must hold a certificate of professional competence issued by the Executive Agency “Automobile Administration”;

• The leader should not lead more than one company with such activity.

2. Financial Stability of the Company

The financial stability can be proved by investing the respective amount in the capital of the company, by using the same amount as a bank guarantee in a Bulgarian bank or the most popular option – by signing an insurance contract for an insured amount equal to the amount of the required by law.

The requirement for financial stability is satisfied when the value of the FS is greater than or equal to one.

3. The company should not have outstanding obligations

4. The company must have an office, a garage area and an operating center – in condition that they are renting, the company has to conclude rental contract.


For issuance of a license:

for the original license – BGN 500

for each certified copy – BGN 10

For vehicle:

For the first vehicle, the amount that company has to pay is the equivalent in BGN of 9 000 EUR, and for every second or next vehicle – the equivalent in BGN of 5 000 EUR.

Term of issuance

30 days from the date of submission of the documents

One original license and as many certified copies as the vehicles are issued.

Validity period

The license is issued for a period of 5 years

III. Issuance of a certificate of customs applicability – procedure

The Certificate of customs applicability is a document certifying after verification that the vehicles of this type reply to the technical conditions of transport.

Vehicles shall be submitted every two years for verification.

Competent authority

“Customs” Agency

Necessary documents from you:

  1. A copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle;
  2. A copy of the talon for an annual technical inspection;
  3. A copy of the lease, if the vehicle is not the property of the company.


for initial inspection and verification – 30 BGN

for periodic inspection and verification – 15 BGN

The services you can receive from Lead Consult?

  1. Registration of company
  2. Preparation of an application and necessary documents required for the issuance of the license
  3. Submission of all documents to the Executive Agency “Automobile Administration” and obtain the issued license
  4. Preparation of an application and necessary documents required for the issuance of a certificate of customs applicability
  5. Submission of the documents to the Customs Agency and obtain the certificate of customs applicability
  6. We could also help you in conclusion of lease for premises where you will carry out your activity
  7. We also offer accounting services

If you have questions or would like to help you in Bulgaria, you can contact us for advice or for an entire service.

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