How to import wine in Bulgaria?

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How to import wine in Bulgaria?


Main requirements:

1. To own a company with capital of not less than 500 thousand levs

2. You are not in bankruptcy or liquidation

3. You haven’t been convicted of indictable offense

4. You haven’t been members of the management or supervisory body or unlimited liability partners in a company terminated due to bankruptcy with unsatisfied creditors

5. Your company hasn’t public duties collected by the customs authorities and tax liabilities

6. You haven’t committed serious or repeated violation of this law except in cases where the administrative penal proceedings have ended with an agreement

7. To have your own or rented premises and / or areas to carry out your activities. The premises must be in line with requirements for security and controls.

You have to  have document for ownership or lease of premises/ areas of the warehouse, current sketch of the property and plan of the premises of the tax warehouse, where are designated their location and purposes.

8. To use the automated reporting system – This is an accounting system that allows detecting the amount of incoming raw materials and excise goods stored and displayed from the warehouse.

You have to  have information about type of excisable goods, which will be stored in the warehouse, their CN codes, the average monthly quantity of excisable goods, the maximum quantity of excusable goods, the maximum storage capacity for of excise goods. These values should not be entirely accurate, but will be included in the business plan.


For obtaining a license for management of tax warehouse you must submit a written request to the Director of Agency “Customs” with all necessary documents. The competent authorities inspect the warehouse.

When the requirements for granting a license for management of tax warehouse are fulfilled, the competent authority shall decide on the application within one month from the date of filing. If there are ambiguities in the documents or missing of any of them is given 14 days for their removing.

You can receive your license after pay the bank guarantee which amount is determined by the quantity of imported and storage goods.

The services you can receive from Lead Consult:

1. Preparation of all documents, which includes:

• Certificate of good standing
• Declarations
• Business Plan
• Analysis of the financial condition, audited
• Description of operations, which will be carried out in tax warehouse
• Specimens of persons authorized to sign electronic administrative documents
• All other required documents

2. Filing a request with all documents to the Director of Agency “Customs”

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