How to establish a Foundation in Bulgaria?

What is foundation and procedure of its registration?

Foundation is a voluntary association of people, who pursuing common purposes.

It is registered as independent legal person with non-profit aim, which can realize activity in private or public interest.

Foundation may be established by any Bulgarian or foreign physical or legal person by donation, which comes with a unilateral act of donation and signing the founding act with notarized signatures.

Founding act must contain: the name of foundation, seat, purposes, type of activity, provided property, bodies of management and representation.

Foundation also can be established by bequest.

Registration of foundation went through two stages- registration in district court, where have to be submitted all necessary documents and registration in register BULSTAT.

The services you can receive from Lead Consult:

  1. Preparation of all documents, which are necessary for establishment
  2. Save the name of the foundation
  3. Register the documents in court
  4. We will give you a judgment for registration.
  5. Register of foundation in BULSTAT Register to the Registry Agency.

If you have questions or would like to help you in Bulgaria, you can contact us for advice or for an entire service.

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