Bulgarian Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of good standing lead consultWhat includes Certificate of Good Standing?

All information you need to know about some Bulgarian company is containing in its Certificate of Good Standing. The current state of a company includes its name, the registered office, main activity, the managers and their representation.

Certificate of Good Standing in Bulgaria is an official document issued by the Commercial Register, which serve to third people to verify the activity and fundamental circumstances of a company, registered in this register.

Any person may obtain such a certificate without need to be authorized by the governing bodies of the company or state legal interest.

How to issue Certificate of Good Standing?

The issue of this certificate may become in two ways: on a place- in the Registry Agency where is necessary to report unique identification number and name of the company, then pay the actual amount depending on the length of the issued certificate. This certificate can be obtained from any regional office of the Registry Agency. No matter where in Bulgaria your company is located, you could get a similar certified by branches of the Agency.

The second way for a certificate is electronically. Website of the Commercial Register allows nearly all operations to be carried out online. Again, the only data that you need are unique identification number and name of the of the company, you also have to give an e-mail address, where will be send the certificate.

In the translation of the Certificate of Good Standing must be careful  not only with the terminology, but also with company data – for example, each company taking a different spelling of its name, as in some cases this is pure transcription, in others – the English spelling. In translating current status of the company has no specific terminology than typical for similar documents expressions.

It is extremely important to pay attention to object of activity, which should be carefully translated so as to avoid significant omissions.

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