Appointment a procurator in Bulgaria

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What means to appoint a procurator in Bulgaria?:

  • Procurator is individual person, who the trader authorize to manage his company for a remuneration;
  • Each trader can give a procure to more than one person for individually or jointly prosecution;

Appointment of procurator:

Relations between procurator and shareholder/s are regularized by contract. To be valid such an authorization, it must be done by notarized signatures and then entered by shareholder/s  in Bulgarian Commercial Register together with specimen of procurator’s signature.

Only after entry in registry, authorization is effective against third faces.  Procurator sign by adding to the company its name and addition, which indicate procure.

Procurator can’t be a person, who:

  • has been declared in bankrupt;
  • has been a manager/ member of management or supervisory agency of a company, which was closed for bankruptcy in the past two years.

Rights of procurator:

As procurator, the individual person has the right to:

  • carry out all actions and deals, related to prosecution of commercial activity  (leases, exchange, loan, insurances);
  • represent company and authorize third faces to perform some actions.

Procurator has no right to:

  • authorize another person with his rights, under the law;
  • alienate real property, owned by shareholder/s (unless it is specifically authorized);
  • carry out any actions, which can change individual characteristics of company;

What do for you the team of Lead Consult for appointment of a procurator:

  • We prepare all necessary documents to appoint a procurator;
  • Record an hour at  notary to sign the necessary documents;
  • File necessary documents for registration in Registry Agency.

What we need from you to appoint a procurator of your company:

  • Data of the trader and the company, which manage;
  • Data of individual person, who will be appoint as a procurator;
  • Notarized signatures of the trader and the procurator.

If you have questions or would like to help you about appointment a procurator in Bulgaria, you can contact us for advice or for an entire service.

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